The Efficient Process of Freeze Drying

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Freeze Drying also can be called Lyophilization is a process of extracting the water from Biological samples, foods, and other objects so that foods or products sustain their stability and are easier to store at room temperature. Biological constituents should be dried to stabilize them for preservation, storage, and shipping. Many times, this Drying can cause severe damage and some loss of cellular or protein activity. Lyophilization significantly diminishes damage to biological samples.


The procedure of Lyophilization needs sterile conditions and special equipment. At first, a sample is frozen, and then the force of the surrounding environment is decreased. This drop in pressure permits the water to sublimate: the straight transformation of a material from solid to the gas phase, without the application of heat. A number of industries use Lyophilization for long-term shipping and storage of samples because it enables the stability and purity of samples. In spite of the involved procedure, pharmaceutical, agricultural, biotechnology, and many high-tech industries use Lyophilization as a standard practice because heat can badly affect samples.

Benefits of Freeze Drying

Products kept in a freeze dryer will have great benefits as compared to other drying procedures, even its original type.

  1. The structure, texture, and appearance of any product, be it a food product or a biological sample, remains maintained in the freeze dryer. There will be no damage or shrinkage to the item.
  2. Freeze-dried items tend to hold most of their nutritional quality, taste, etc. this is also due to the low-temperature Drying, which avoids damage to heat-sensitive constituents such as enzymes and flavors, proteins, and vitamins.
  3. Freeze drying procedure could control dried products moisture to 2% and regulate by drying time. The products kept the high-quality freeze dryer made by the freeze dryer, becomes light in weight compared to the fresh form. The lightweight of the product makes handling and transport much easier. After proper packaging, they could transport and storage at room temperature without any crucial requirement.

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