Senova has a group of specialists dedicated to service and after-sales service. Our service includes warranty, training,
technical support, as well as ensured supply of spare parts and consumables

Service contracts

Senova offers daily service contracts to ensure our customer to get prompt response.

Operation and maintenance training

We do not only keep our own technicians up to date, we also provide customer-specific training
and practice-orientated instructions..

As a SENOVA customer, you can rely on competent advice and prompt delivery of original factory
spare parts .

Warranty Policy

SENOVA warrants to the customers that the products are free from all defects or deficiency in
design, material, workmanship for a period set forth below from the date of factory shipment.
The customer shall be responsible for any services to End Users.

For in-warranty equipments, the Customer is responsible for returning or destroying defective
parts or products upon receiving prior written notice of confirmation from Senova.

The following items are excluded from coverage by the warranty:

1 Any damage which results from operation other than specified in the Operation Manual, either
intentionally or by error, or repair or maintenance by anyone other than a SENOVA service
engineer or an authorized SENOVA representative;

2 Any damage which results from neglect or malpractice of the periodic maintenance specified

3 Any situation where the original SENOVA serial number label or product identification markings
have been altered or removed;

4 Consumable materials specified in service manuals, including but not limited to disposable or
one-off materials, sampling materials, or adapter, filter, and lamp.

5 Any damage resulting from improper storage or transport. .

6 Any products of any other manufacturer.