Senova- Leading China Fruit Freeze Dryer Manufacturer

Senova is considered as the leading fruit freeze dryer manufacturer and supplier worldwide. We are the manufacturer of a reliable and high-quality fruit freeze dryer used to preserve the fruit and vegetable items. We deliver you with the top-quality fruit freeze dryer machine at very economical rates. We work with high efficiency to provide you with the best quality dry freezing machine that is the best of its kind. As the top-notch manufacturers and suppliers of China fruit freeze dryer, we compromise on our products; all our products are highly created with precision. Read More

Our Factory

Our company is a National Hi-Tech Enterprise specialized in manufacturing the best quality freezer for both commercial and industrial uses.

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Senova approved by ISO JSO 13485 CE and BV certified company in china. Our manufactured products exported in more than 50 countries, such as the USA, Germany. Spain. Italy, South Africa, etc.

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Why Choose Us

We have more than 30+ years of experience in the field of the food, pharmacy, and laboratory freezer dyer making industries. We offer stable quality products and after-sale service.

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40+ Freeze Dryers for Your Choice

Vegetable Fruit Flower Milk Coffee Small Home Food Mini Freeze Dryer
Shelf Temp.-35℃,2-4Kg/Batch Powder coated exterior
Shelf Temp.-35℃,6-8Kg/Batch Powder coated exterior
Shelf Temp.-35℃,1-2Kg/Batch Stainless steel exterior
Shelf Temp.-35℃,4-6Kg/Batch Stainless steel exterior
Shelf Temp.-80℃ Horizontal Type, 4 Models
Shelf Temp.-35℃,1-2Kg/Batch Powder coated exterior
Shelf Temp.-50℃,5Kg/Batch Powder coated exterior
Shelf Temp.-50℃,10Kg/Batch Powder coated exterior
Shelf Temp.-30℃,20Kg/Batch Stainless steel exterior
Shelf Temp.-30℃,50Kg/Batch Stainless steel exterior
Shelf Temp.-30℃,100Kg/Batch Stainless steel exterior
Shelf Temp.-30℃,200Kg/Batch Stainless steel exterior
Shelf Temp.-30℃,300Kg/Batch Stainless steel exterior
Shelf Temp.-30℃,500Kg/Batch Stainless steel exterior
Shelf Temp.-55℃,3M2 shelf area Vial: Ø16mmx13300/Ø22mmx6800
Shelf Temp.-55℃,5M2 shelf area Vial: Ø16mmx24800/Ø22mmx12700
Shelf Temp.-55℃,7M2 shelf area Vial: Ø16mmx34800/Ø22mmx17800
Shelf Temp.-55℃,15M2 shelf area Vial: Ø16mmx66400/Ø22mmx33900
Shelf Temp.-55℃,30M2 shelf area Vial: Ø16mmx133600/Ø22mmx68300
Shelf Temp.-55℃,10M2 shelf area Vial: Ø16mmx92800/Ø22mmx47400
Shelf Temp.-55℃,20M2 shelf area Vial: Ø16mmx109700/Ø22mmx56000
Shelf Temp.-55℃,25M2 shelf area Vial: Ø16mmx109700/Ø22mmx56000

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